Introducing Likeable Dry Cleaners!

I met Dave Kerpen where all the cool social media people hangout: on Twitter! I host a monthly online Book Club and invited Dave to be a guest to talk about his first book Likeable Social Media: How to Delight your Customers, Create an Irresistable Brand, and Be Generally Amazing on Facebook (and other Social Networks) which became a New York Times Best-Seller. This book appealed to me as a social media manager and I knew that these lessons would work well for dry cleaners. At the time, Dave was the CEO of Likeable Media. This is Dave and I at Social Media Marketing World hosted by Social Media Examiner where Dave was a keynote speaker.

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Dave has since written another book, Likeable Business, and launched Likeable Local.  “Likeable Local offers scalable, integrated software solutions for small businesses to create, enhance, and manage their social media presence. Founded in 2012 by Dave Kerpen as a spin-off of Likeable Media, a highly successful social media marketing firm which Dave founded with his wife Carrie. Likeable Local has built an easy-to-use product that integrates with Facebook and Twitter.


Likeable Local’s first product is Likeable Dentists, in conjunction with Henry Schein, Inc., the world’s largest provider of health care products and services to dental, medical, and animal health office-based practitioners.” And now Likeable Local is launching Likeable Dry Cleaners in an exclusive partnership with Kreussler Inc. Likeable Dry Cleaners will provide full service social media support, with four key components: content publisher, ad buyer, tab creator, and an offline Facebook marketing kit.

Learn more about Likeable Dry Cleaners here.

Who is Likeable Media?
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“When Carrie and Dave Kerpen decided to get married in 2005, they used their marketing backgrounds to create a promotional event and offset the costs of an expensive New York wedding. The Brooklyn Cyclones agreed to let the couple get married at home plate following a game, supplied flowers, Smirnoff provided alcohol, Entenmann’s added desserts, and David’s Bridal sponsored the gowns. In July 2006, Dave and Carrie said their vows in front of 500 friends and family members and 5,000 strangers. The couple raised $100,000 from sponsors to cover the cost of the wedding, as well as $20,000 to give to the MS Society. Not only was this a dream wedding, but it was a dream promotion:  Dave and Carrie generated $20 million worth of earned media for their sponsors. A few weeks later, they began getting calls from vendors asking what was next. Since they couldn’t get married again, they decided to start a company instead.”

Likeable Media has earned an impressive amount of recognition for their efforts such as being #146 on Inc. Magazine’s 2012 Inc. 500 List of Fastest U.S. Growing Private Companies. their Likeable blog was a Top 10 blog on Social Media Examiner and they were chosen on Crain’s Best Places to Work.

A feature in Inc. Magazine How We Turned a Wedding in a Baseball Stadium into an Ad Firm.


Why should dry cleaners want to be more Likeable?

Social media can build customer relationships, extend your community outreach and boost your brand. Social media is all about influencing people one-on-one; and achieving person-to-person communication that influences awareness, acceptance and behavior. Powerful tactics and tools of communication, social networks can and should play an important role in every brand-building, maintenance and protection strategy. More on this article: Social Media and Small Businesses ~ the perfect mix.

Richard Fitzpatrick, Vice President of Kreussler Inc. said “Dry cleaners are focused on running a complex, demanding business and finding the time to effectively manage social media is not easy.  We see so many of our clients wanting to take advantage of all the tools this technology offers but many simply cannot get the right mix of content and consistency to make it work.  Kreussler does not want to be a marketing company that sells detergents or licenses, but we do want to help our clients in unique and inventive ways to succeed. Being able to exclusively offer Likeable Dry Cleaners to our clients is just another example of why Kreussler is the right partner to be working with now and in the future.  It’s a great program run by a great company, and there is nothing else like it in the industry.”

Today is the launch of Likeable Dry Cleaners and Kreussler Inc. is excited to bring the world of social media into the dry cleaning industry, we can’t wait until our clients are even more likeable! Dave and Likeable Dry Cleaners will be at the Clean Show at our booth #2963 and we hope to see you there.

You can find Likeable Dry Cleaners on Facebook , Twitter and their website.

Are YOU ready to become a more Likeable Dry Cleaner?

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